Clarity mark

Would you like to show customers and regulators that you take clear communication very seriously?

The Clarity mark is an assurance mark that can be displayed on a document to show it has achieved a high standard of clarity and readability. It can also be used on a website.

It can only be awarded after a rigorous assessment of clarity, brevity and humanity.  We ask:  Will the intended audience understand
 it the first time they read? 
This is widely accepted among the international Plain English community as key to ensuring accessibility and readability for a wide audience.

In the financial services sector, the Clarity mark shows the Central Bank how seriously you are taking good customer communications and plain English. For the public sector, it shows that you meet the standard of plain language in the upcoming legislation.

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How do you get a Clarity mark?

Each publication or website is assessed in relation to its aims and target audience. We bear in mind that what’s plain for one audience might not be plain for another. For example, an insurance leaflet for a wide readership should use everyday English and clearly explain every financial term but a report for industry experts may use technical terms and some jargon. 

After an assessment, we either provide you with the Clarity mark – or with a report that tells you how to reach the standard required. 

Who has been awarded the Clarity mark?

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