Brush up your punctuation on 11 November


When do you use an apostrophe? What about a hyphen? Does it matter if you don’t use them correctly when you’re writing at work? Well, yes. If customers see punctuation mistakes in a professional website, letter or email, it can affect how they feel about the organisation.

Punctuation mistakes can also be embarrassing and can even change the meaning of a sentence.  Companies have lost millions as a result of a misplaced comma. Make sure your communications use punctuation correctly!

During this 90-minute workshop, an ex-journalist will clearly explain the rules of punctuation, give you easy ways to understand them – and discuss examples and common errors.

Never make another punctuation mistake! Take away the confidence that you understand and can apply the rules.

Time: 2pm-4pm. For this Zoom session, you’ll need good internet, a microphone and, if possible, a webcam. You’ll need to be in a place where you can talk aloud. You might also need a pen and paper to take notes. After you book, we’ll send you the link and password.



Course content

  • Why is punctuation important?
  • Let’s look at punctuation rules
  • Putting it into practice

After the workshop, you can download a Quick Guide to Punctuation fact-sheet.