Editing Skills on 20 November


Editing is a vital skill. We all know that everything we write at work must be polished, professional and error-free – but how do you ensure that intended readers will get the messages the writers intended? As an editor, how do you know when to make changes and when to leave text untouched?

This highly practical 2-hour session will give you the skills to edit your own and others’ writing.

Time: 2pm-4.30pm. For this Zoom workshop, you’ll need good internet, a microphone and, if possible, a webcam. You’ll also need pen and paper to take notes. After you book, we’ll send you the link and password.


Course content

Part 1 Introduction

  • What is the role of an editor? When do editors make changes?
  • Provide constructive feedback on colleagues’ writing (especially when working remotely)
  • Strategies: How to develop a fresh eye to analyse writing

Part 2 – Editing: Check content, structure and language

  • Check for common errors:
    • Use sentences and paragraphs effectively
    • Ensure clarity and correct grammar
    • When to use the passive voice
  • Edit to make the writing strong:
    • Quick way to check content and structure
    • Use key words and frontloading to engage readers
    • How to deal with jargon and complex information
    • Cut dead wood (i.e. padding, wordy phrases and repetition)
    • Use layout to improve accessibility
  • Process: Steps for efficient editing