Proofreading Skills on 16 February


First impressions last. The written word is often the first point of contact between you and your customers. That’s why it’s crucial that all your customer communications use correct English. After all, how do you feel when you read a professional report, leaflet, letter or website that contains grammar mistakes or typos? Not impressed?

Proofreading is an essential skill, whether you’re checking your own writing or your colleagues’ work.

The challenge for writers lies in avoiding errors and inconsistencies in grammar, language and punctuation. What’s a quick way to check that a sentence is grammatically correct? When do you use ‘that’ and ‘which’? When can you use ‘infer’? What’s best practice in writing numbers and dates?

These are the kinds of issues that proofreaders face every day. On this highly practical course, a professional proofreader (an ex-Irish Times sub-editor) will share her skills so you can proofread more confidently and effectively.

Take away the confidence that you understand and can apply the rules of correct English.

Time: 2pm-5pm GMT. For this Zoom session, you’ll need good internet, a microphone and, if possible, a webcam. You’ll need to be in a place where you can talk aloud. You’ll also need a pen and paper to take notes. After you book, we’ll send you the link and password.



Course content

  • What’s the role of a proofreader? How is it different from an editor’s role?
  • Check for consistency (language, layout, punctuation)
  • Check for errors
    • Understand grammar terms and rules
    • Check sentences are correct and unambiguous
    • Use clauses and tenses correctly
    • Fix run-on sentences
    • Tricky issues (less/fewer, that/which)
  • Recognise commonly confused words
  • Quick punctuation refresher

After the workshop, you can download handy factsheets: Proofreading tips, Quick guide to punctuation and Ten common errors in grammar.