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We are committed to clear, customer-focused communications. We hired Plain English Ireland to help us enhance the way we communicate with our customers through our many channels.


Feedback from the business email course was excellent; staff really benefited from the programme and learnt some simple, yet effective techniques in how to structure their emails for more effective communication.

AIB Merchant Services

I completed a one-to-one course on “Plain business writing for success” and found the training well structured, superbly delivered and very effective. The course was tailor-made based on my needs using our own material which made the training course even more relevant to me.

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Independent Trustee Company

Plain English Ireland provided us with plain English training and edited the copy for our website. As a result we were a lot more confident in producing a clear and informative website suitable for multiple groups of users . . . The skills learned in the training were invaluable.

A&L Goodbody

Since 2006, Sarah Marriott has presented workshops in drafting client communications for solicitors and also minute-taking and business English for secretarial staff. These were customised to our needs with plenty of practical exercises using authentic materials. This made the service that Sarah and her team provided very valuable to our staff.

Logo Alzheimer Society of Ireland
Alzheimer Society of Ireland

Often when a person or family receives a dementia diagnosis, it can be life changing for them and they often don’t know where to turn for support or information. Our aim is to provide accurate, up-to-date, accessible and relevant information resources which are clear, precise and easy to understand. Sarah has worked with us for a number of our factsheets to help us get the Clarity mark which shows the factsheets have achieved a high standard of clarity and readability which is important for us and our service users. She has always been very knowledgeable and insightful.  

Vhi Healthcare

Enjoyable training session . . . Anyone who has to correspond should do this course . . . Educational in a fun way. . . I was delighted to take part in the course . . . You feel more confident knowing you are doing it right . . . Excellent course.


A key element of our client service code is ensure that all communications are clear, precise, effective and in plain English with an absence of jargon. Sarah Marriott has worked with Matheson since 2007. At all times, she has been professional, helpful, insightful and above all else, clear.

University of Limerick

I apply what I learned on the course to my own work on a daily basis. The highly practical editing and proofreading course provided the skills and resources to create, edit and proofread a range of documents clearly, quickly and effectively.

University of Limerick
University College Cork
University College Cork

Great course . . . Excellent tips . . . I found if very helpful and useful . . . It’s always good to recognise where to listen and what to write . . . I’ve learnt good skills which…

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