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Research shows that customers are more likely to trust an organisation that communicates clearly and simply. For anyone in a customer-facing role, the ability to write clearly and concisely is a vital skill.

Customers want to be able to understand letters and emails the first time they read. All communications need to avoid jargon, clearly explain relevant terms and conditions, and meet the needs of the readers. On this practical workshop, you will learn how to write clear, concise emails and letters which answer customer questions and deal with their issues effectively.  It will also show you how to write to achieve a satisfactory result and avoid an escalation of challenging issues. 

As more customers prefer to contact companies and service providers by email, it’s essential that customer service teams can write in a reader-friendly tone of voice, which also conveys their professionalism and expertise.

After this workshop, you will be able to:

Who should attend?

This plain English workshop is for anyone who writes (or reviews) emails, letters or other customer communications. It’s suitable for experienced writers and people new to the role, as well as writers whose first language is not English. We’ve delivered it to customer service teams, marketing teams and communications departments.

What’s covered in this course


Plan to engage customers (put yourself in their shoes)


Writing with KISS: Keep it short and simple


Writing with KISS: Keep it strong and sincere

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