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People often criticise lawyers for insisting on jargon and using six words when one will do – and for not explaining things clearly.  When you’re writing for clients, it’s important to put their needs first. They are busy people who want to understand your advice and information the first time they read it; they don’t want to struggle with legal terms, waffle and long complex sentences.

In this highly practical course, a professional writer will show you how to achieve clarity in writing for clients, particularly those who are not legal experts. It covers the principles and practice of plain English, the importance of a reader-focused style, the fundamentals of planning, and the power of language.

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This course is for anyone who wants to communicate effectively on legal topics with clients. We’ve delivered it to individuals and small groups of fee earners and trainees in leading legal firms. We’ve also presented it to legal teams in insurance companies and public sector agencies.

What’s covered in this course


Best practice in clear legal drafting


Plan in 5 steps


Avoid professional pitfalls

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We’ve delivered this course to trainees and fee earners in leading firms:

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