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We’re all writing more than ever before, which means being able to write confidently and effectively is a vital skill. You want your writing to stand out for all the right reasons – because it’s strong, clear, concise and polished.

Using plain English helps you to reach objectives and engage your target audiences, both internal and external.  Plain English
means writing so that your intended audience can understand it the first time they read. That means it 
isn’t one size fits all. 
For example, plain language in a formal report is not the same as plain language in a product guide or manual. 

In this highly practical workshop, a professional writer shows you how to use plain English in a tone and style that is consistent with your brand. You learn how to use plain English in whatever you write: emails to customers, reports, website content or marketing materials. The course uses examples from your own customer communications.

After this workshop, you will:

Who should attend?

This is for anyone who wants to use plain English to write effectively for customers, colleagues or
other organisations. It’s also suitable for any company which wants to show customers and regulatory bodies that they
take customer communications seriously.

What’s covered?


What is plain English?


Plan for plain English communications


How to write in plain English

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