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We all know that legal writing must be polished and professional at all times, but how do you ensure that everything you write
correct? How do you know the dictation uses correct punctuation? How do you train your eye to spot errors or inconsistencies
in grammar, spelling and punctuation?

For example: When do you use a comma or a semi-colon? What is correct sentence structure? How long should a sentence be?
Is it ‘inquiry’ or ‘enquiry’? What’s the difference between ‘principal’ and ‘principle’?

This highly practical workshop will give you the knowledge, tools and skills to understand how to check that grammar and punctuation are correct. You also get the opportunity to ask an expert any niggling questions! Practical exercises are based on appropriate materials (such as correcting errors in a client letter or taking a dictation). Learning is reinforced with a team quiz.

After this workshop, you will:

Who should attend?

This is for anyone who works as a legal secretary or in a similar support role. It’s suitable for anyone who’s new to the role
or  anyone who’d simply like a refresher on grammar and punctuation.

What’s covered?


Get your grammar right


Common errors


Identify punctuation mistakes and fix them

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