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Having the skills to write clearly, concisely and effectively is essential for many roles in third-level academic institutions – whether you work in a support role or as an academic. But how can you be sure all your communications are successful? Make sure your writing gets noticed for all the right reasons: because it’s strong, clear and polished.

This skills-based practical workshop will help you achieve greater impact, whether you write for students, colleagues, external partners or alumni. It covers the fundamentals of good writing that apply to all types of communications,  from student emails to project reports. You’ll learn how to use language and layout to capture the attention of busy readers. It will also help you to give effective feedback to students and colleagues on their writing. 

After this workshop, you will:

Who should attend?

This is suitable for anyone who writes in a university, institute of technology or college. It’s for experienced writers who’d like a refresher and for new writers who want to feel confident they can apply best practice. We’ve delivered it to people who write: email notices to students; reports for managers; prospectus or web content for potential students; and information for colleagues or external partners. 

What’s covered?


Plan in 5 easy steps


Write to achieve objectives


Capture readers’ attention

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